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Country Ledgestone Wide Column Wraps by NextStone

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Country Ledgestone Column Wrap by Nextstone


  • 5 faux stone colors to choose from: andean onyx, appalachian gray, himalayan brown, teton buff, and dover white

*some colors may have a longer lead time

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  • Material: composite polyurethane, reinforced with recycled PVC

  • Size: 16” (length) 16” (width)  x 30” (height)

    • Inner dimensions: 13-7/8” x 13-7/8”

  • Comes in four attachable pieces

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  • Stone post covers (quantity = 1)

  • Installation instructions


  • Low maintenance 

  • The look and feel of masonry

  • Lightweight and easy to cut and modify

  • Mixed with fire retardants and UV inhibitors ~ protection against harsh climates / environmental disasters 

About this product…

Post Columns, like post covers, are used to cover existing posts that you may have on your deck, in your yard, or around your home. If you’re looking to update a space or make your home feel more in line with your desired aesthetics, post columns are a cost-effective and easeful solution, not requiring you to remove previously installed posts.

Along with being cost and time effective, these Country Ledgestone Column Wraps by Nextstone offer an entrance into an upscale, durable, and earthy outdoor model. These statement pieces give your home a big personality, and are surely elevating. If you’re seeking an upgrade using stone on your decking without having to employ a mason, these pieces offer you the aesthetics and materials that you’re looking for without the long-term commitment of concrete. Striking, bold, and cast from actual stone and rock formations, these covers have the look and feel of true masonry. Created with an impact-resistant polyurethane material that protects against mildew, UV rays, and moisture damage, these covers can withstand all kinds of weather. 

This four-piece wrap can connect around posts, making installation possible if unable to slip over the top. These stone column wraps coordinate perfectly with vinyl, composite, and wood materials, whether for deck rails, wood deck columns, or fence posts. Weighing about 1 lb. per square foot, these lightweight panels make installation easily manageable, removing the need to pay for additional materials, equipment or labor. 

Simply wrap the column wraps around any unsightly, weathered, or worn down posts, and you’ll notice an instant sense of accomplishment in making your home look welcoming and refreshed. They may also be used to enhance indoor areas such as load bearing basement columns.

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Stone Column Wrap Installation Instructions:

Simply follow the installation instructions provided in your order. Any questions with installation, please call 866-371-8232

Click HERE for FAQ: 


*20 year warranty

Still have questions or need advice on ordering the right supplies for your project? Get in touch with Deck Expressions’ 24/7 customer service. We’re always ready to help.


What is NextStone made of? 

  • NextStone™ is made of a composite Polyurethane, reinforced with recycled PVC for durability. It is mixed with UV inhibitors and fire retardants. All panels and accessories are created with a proprietary in-mold coating to prevent fading, then hand painted with an exterior durable paint.

Can the Panels and Accessories be cut?

  • Absolutely! Panels and accessories are very easily cut with any standard saw you would use on wood.
20 YEAR WARRANTY Important: All Claims under this warranty must be reported to NextStone within sixty (60) days of the date that the defect is first discovered. Claimant should describe the defect and provide name, address, date of installation and warranty certificate number if available. Original Owner’s 20 Year Limited Liability Warranty: NextStone rock-face paneling and accessories are manufactured using quality raw materials and are produced with engineering excellence designed for years of maintenance free use. NextStone warrants exclusively the original Purchaser of the NextStone Product beginning with the original date of purchase of the product for a period of 20 years thereafter. If the original property to which the NextStone product was applied is sold within the Twenty Year Warranty timeframe, the product will no longer be covered through this Warranty and NextStone will not be liable for further replacements, repairs and /or any other type of compensation related to this purchase. NextStone rock-face paneling applied to the original property will not fade, peel, rot, blister, rust, flake, chip, crack, corrode or be consumed by termites. Should any of the above mentioned defects or any other manufacturing defect not mentioned above occur during the 20 year warranty period, and the original purchaser maintains ownership of the property when a Claim is filed, and provided that the terms and conditions of this warranty are met and the claim is properly reported as stated below, NextStone will, at its discretion, repair or replace the material determined to be defective as per the schedule below to the original homeowner in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Warranty. In lieu of repair or replacement, NextStone reserves the right at its sole discretion to refund a portion of the original Wholesale costs as per the table below rather than replace the products determined to be defective. Conditions Not Covered By This Warranty: This Warranty covers only the specified damages arising solely from defects in the manufacturing of NextStone's urethane rock-face paneling and accessories and only if they occur under normal use and service. It does not cover, and NextStone is not liable for, conditions or failure of or damage to such products resulting from faulty or improper installation, settlement of the structure on which products are installed or shifting of structural members or adjoining surfaces, failure of the structure (including foundations and walls), accidental damage or negligence, intentional acts or damage, fire, wind, flood, lightning, acts of God including but not limited to mice, racoons, woodpeckers, misuse, improper care or failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance of the product, normal and expected weathering of the surface, mildew, exposure to harmful chemicals or vapors or acid rain, surface discoloration due to atmospheric pollution, contaminates, staining or oxidation, distortion or warping due to unusual heat sources (including outdoor grills and reflection from windows or foil sheathing), or the installation of accessory products which are not compatible with the NextStone panelingor which are installed in a manner detrimental to the performance of the NextStone siding.Proper installation is important to the finished look of the product. Gapping between panels or accessories is not covered under this warranty. This warranty covers only unpainted products and is not applicable to other finishes applied to the product by the homeowner. This Warranty DOES NOT warrant and is not responsible for costs associated with the original installation of the NextStone Product and is not responsibly obligated to assist with labor costs associated with the removal and/or replacement of defective product caused by the Manufacturing process. NextStone shall be allowed a reasonable opportunity and time to investigate the claim and to inspect the rock-face paneling for defects before a decision is made to repair or replace. The Homeowner will be responsible for providing photos and/or samples showing the alleged defect(s). Once filed, Warranty Claims will remain in effect from the date of the original purchase. The warranty period shall not be extended by any such repair or refund settlements on defective siding or accessories. Due to normal weathering, replacement siding may vary in color and gloss from products originally installed. Such variances are not defects and NextStone is not liable for such variances. NextStone reserves the right to discontinue or make changes to any of its products. If products covered by this warranty are no longer available, NextStone shall have the right to substitute a product that in NextStone’s sole discretion is of equal quality and value. NextStone makes no express warranties except as herein stated and shall not be liable for an incidental, special or consequential damages of any kind resulting from breach of any warranties set forth herein or with respect to the siding products covered by this warranty, the extent of its liability and the owner’s exclusive remedy being limited to repair, replacement or refund as set forth herein. No representative of NextStone or any distributor, dealer or contractor is authorized to make any modifications or changes to this warranty

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