NextStone Slate Stone Grout

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Next Stone Color Match Caulk

Great for minor repairs. Recommended for installation of 2-piece post cover.


  • Elastic textured grout for next stone faux stone panels and accessories
  • Used for touch up of the next stone faux stone products
  • Simulated mortar that blends in with NextStone products well
  • Works excellent to conceal the joint of mitered cuts as well as hiding any visible screw heads
  • Grout color is only a base color and must be painted over by NextStone touch up paint kit
  • Caution: eye and skin irritant
All Claims under this warranty must be reported to NextStone within sixty (60) days of the date that the defect is first discovered. Claimant should describe the defect and provide name, address, date of installation and warranty certificate number if available. Original Owner’s 20 Year Limited Liability Warranty:
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