Stacked Stone Panels by NextStone

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Stacked Stone Panels by NextStone

Manufactured with specially formulated polyurethane and combined with fire retardants and UV inhibitors, NextStone™ insulated stone siding panels and accessories are cast from actual stone and rock patterns.

Features & Benefits of Using NextStone

Home Improvement is Easy. NextStone™ siding panels can be easily installed at home with no formal training within a few minutes. Our innovative panels have been designed to totally rid you of the need to hire masonry installers, professional siding installer, or skilled laborers. Each of our easily managed, lightweight panels only weigh about one pound per square foot, removing the need to pay for additional materials, equipment, or labor.  It only takes using basic hand or power tools to install NextStone™ products with ease to achieve the classic stone look you desire.


  • 46-1/2" x 13-1/4" x 1-1/2" 
  • 5 - Panels per Box
  • 18.15 Sq.Ft. per Box (Approx.)

Durable & Lightweight

Weighing only 1 pound per Square Foot, NextStone™ panels are made solid through out, are reinforced with recycled PVC, and are resistant to weathering. NextStone™ is made to withstand radical changes in temperature, varying levels of rain and snow, and extreme environmental conditions. NextStone™ panels will acclimate to all types of weather conditions.

Energy Savings with Increased

R-Value - NextStone™ adds insulation value saving   energy. "R-Value" is the ability of building materials to resist heat transfer. NextStone™ has an R-Value of 4.5 per inch of thickness when used for exterior applications. This additional insulation will help reduce energy costs by naturally decreasing heating and cooling functions. 

Low Maintenance

NextStone™ requires minimal maintenance. The exterior siding panels do not require painting, staining, or waterproofing. NextStone™ panels keep their beautiful, natural appearance with only the occasional spray down using any backyard hose. The panels are manufactured with a fade resistant   in-mold coating and will retain the look from the time of purchase and for years to come. 

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