Tiger Claw Gun TC SS Stainless Steel Screw Strips

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Tiger Claw Pneumatic Scrails for Installation Gun

Tiger Claw Pneumatic Scrail fasteners combine the speed of a nail and the holding power of a screw. This product has been specifically designed for use in the Tiger Claw Pneumatic Installation Tool for Tiger Claw hidden fastening clips such as TC-G. Once installed, the Scrail can be backed out with a number 1 or 2 Phillips driver bit if need be. Tiger Claw Pneumatic Scrail fasteners are approved for use in ACQ and chemically treated lumber.


  • 500sq. ft. (900 pc.) use with Tiger Claw Gun.
  • Collated Pneumatic screws  in stainless steel (TC-SS) 
  • Used with the Tiger Claw Installation Gun and approved for use on ACQ.
  • Tiger Claw Clips Sold separately.
  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel.

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