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Low Voltage Dome Lighting by RDI

Low voltage dome lighting by RDI is a popular choice among homeowners, as it provides a great energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for outdoor post lighting. This type of lighting is installed in posts, steps, and other areas to provide a low-level, comforting light without creating excess glare and heat. The low voltage component makes it an ideal choice for use in areas where electricity may be limited. Additionally, the dome design allows for a more decorative look. RDI offers several types of low voltage dome lighting in 3 colors.


  • Contemporary fixture to deliver lighting
  • Easy plug in connections to other lighting components
  • No cutting or splicing wires necessary
  • Uses 0.80-Watt
  • 5-years residential limited warranty





  • 5000K



1. Cut out the included  template and place at the desired location. Pre-drill two 1/16" holes for screws and one ½" hole for the wire. Run a harness (not included) down the inside of the post or post wrap with the male connector hanging out of the ½" hole that was just drilled.

2. Plug the male connector into the female connector attached to the light. Press firmly until the connection is fully engaged. The light should be illuminated if the transformer is on.

3. Twist the dome light to separate the dome from the lens back. Push the wire and connection of the lens portion back through the ½" hole until the back plate of the light is flush with the post. Align the pre-drilled holes and use the 2 included stainless steel screws to mount the back plate of the light to the post (Fig. 2). Place the dome/lens portion of the light over the back plate at a slight angle. Place the dome/lens portion over the back plate. Once the dome/lens portion of the light is flush with the post, twist the dome/lens clockwise until it locks into place.


  •  Lights
  •  Lifetime - Limited
  •  Yes
  •  Finyl Line ~ Endurance Original Rail and Titan Pro Rail 
  • Can be used on any rail system.

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