Stair & Post LED Light by RDI

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Stair ~ Post Quick Connect LED Light by RDI

Great light for mounting under steps or on posts. Easily connects using the RDI Quick connect system. Matches all RDI Transform posts.


  • Includes quick connect pigtail
  • .40 watts per fixture
  • Color 
  • Measurements ~ 3-1/4" Long x 1-1/8" Wide


  • 5000k



1. Place the included template at the desired location and pre-drill two 1/16" holes for screws and one ½" hole for the wire. Run a harness (not included) down the inside of the post or post wrap with the male connector hanging out of the ½" hole that was just drilled.

2. Plug the male connector (from the harness that exits the top of the post) into the female connector attached to the side light. Press firmly until the connection is fully engaged. The light should be illuminated if the transformer is on. Push the wire and connection back through the ½" hole until the back of the lens is flush with the post. Align the pre-drilled holes and use the 2 included stainless steel screws to mount the lens to the post.

3. Align the cover with the lens of the light and snap the cover onto the lens. Only one cover will be used per lens (2 are supplied). Each cover will give a different lighting effect. The unused cover can be saved or discarded. If needed, the cover can be removed by carefully inserting a small flat blade screwdriver near the latch on 1 side and popping off the cover. Care should be taken to not scratch the lens.


  •  Lights
  •  Lifetime - Limited
  •  White
  •  Yes
  •  Endurance Original Rail and Titan Pro Rail. Can be used on any other deck or rail system.                                                           

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