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3 watt Low Voltage LED Lights Strips by RDI ~ Color bright white

RDI LED Light strips are 92" long. The strips connect using RDI's quick disconnect system. These strips can be installed anywhere. From under rails to under kitchen cabinets.  Under-Rail lighting can be installed directly on the underside of your top rail or by using the PVC under-rail light channel (sold separately). Under-Rail light strip comes with an adhesive backing for easy install as well as a secondary adhesive strip for the under-rail light channel. The Under-Rail light strip has a connector at one end of the strip to plug into the harness running up your post.


1. Mark on your posts using a pencil where the under-rail light strip will connect to the harness (running up inside the post) and exit the post sleeve to the top rail of your railing section. This hole will be hidden once the brackets and top rail are mounted to the post. Drill a ½" hole in the post at this location. If your top rail has visible brackets, make a mark on the underside of the top rail where the bracket is located. Drill ½" hole in top rail at this mark moving brackets aside if necessary. This is where the light strip will exit the top rail and run along the underside of the top rail.

2. Measure the length along the top rail that the under-rail lighting strip will run. This may be post-to-post if your brackets are hidden, or bracket-to-bracket if the brackets are exposed. If using the under-rail light channel, subtract ¼" and cut the channel to this length using a fine-toothed saw. Cut under-rail light strip to the required length. NOTE: under-rail light strip can only be cut at the designated locations (located every 2" along light strip) 

3. Run a harness down the inside of the post, with the male connector accessible at the top of the post. Thread the female end of the under-rail light strip through the hole in the top rail and through the hole in the post, being careful not to cut or damage the light strip or wiring if threading through a metal post. Plug the male connector into the female connector attached to the under-rail light strip. Attach your brackets to the post and connect your top rail to the brackets, taking care not to damage the wiring or under-rail light strip.

4. Using supplied alcohol pads clean under side of rail and both surfaces of under-rail light channel (if using). Do not throw used pads away, they are needed in later step. If using under-rail light channel, remove adhesive backing on one side of adhesive strip. Apply adhesive strip to back of under rail light channel. Remove adhesive backing on back of PVC channel and position on the underside of your top rail. Start at end with hole allowing small gap for strip light to run from the post to the light channel. Push firmly on the channel to securely attach to rail.


  • Strip length ~ 96" (can be cut down to any length)
  • Lumens ~ 200
  • Color ~ 5000k


  •  Lights
  •  Lifetime - Limited
  •  Yes
  •  Original Rail, Titan Pro Rail, Avalon Aluminum Railing, any rail system in the market.
  • Lights can be cut down to any length


  • 5000K


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