Stinger Hand Stapler

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Stinger Hand Stapler

The big advantage of the Stinger over regular hammer tacker staplers – it helps prevent punctures and holes in house wrap and underlayment that can let water leak in. The Stinger does this in two ways: The cap spreads the staple’s holding power over a larger surface area so it holds house wrap and underlayment in place without tearing through the staples or tearing holes around the legs in windy conditions. The cap protects the membranes from being cut by the front edge of the stapler. And the light-weight, small size and freedom from hoses makes the Stinger easier to handle and use than pneumatic cap fastening tools.

Great for installing Tyvek Home Wrap!

The Stinger CH38 Cap Hammer is an airless cap system that delivers the holding power of a cap with the speed and ease of a hammer tacker. The Stinger CH38 delivers a 1 in. plastic cap with a 3/8 in. staples. The Stinger is for use with the 3/8 in. Stinger StaplePac only.


  • Makes Stapling easier.
  • 3/8" Staples required.
  • Click for staples

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