Adhesive ~ Primer by Loctite

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Spray Adhesive by Loctite


  • Size: 13.5 oz

Technical Data Sheet (https://dm.henkel-dam.com/is/content/henkel/TDS-2235316-US-Loctite-General-Performance-100-Spray-Adhesive-Spray-Can-13.5-oz-2017-11-30pdf

Safety Info (https://www.mysds.henkel.com/SAP_GATEWAY/odata/SAP/YPSSWH_DOO_SRV//DocContentSet(Appid=%27YPSSW_SDSUA%27,Matnr=%27000000000002235316%27,Matnrcomp=%27%27,Subid=%27000000589557%27,Subidcomp=%27%27,Sbgvid=%27MSDS_UT_US%27,Laiso=%27EN%27)/DocContentData/$value) 

Binds well with:

  • Foil

  • Felt

  • Cork

  • Foam

  • Metal

  • Glass

  • Paper

  • Wood

  • Fabric

  • Leather

  • Cardboard

  • Certain plastics*

Not recommended for:

  • Unsupported vinyl fabric

  • Installing/repairing car headliners

  • Exposure to sunlight or UV (will cause yellowing)

  • Combinations of high temperatures + high humidity


  • One can

More details:  

  • Dries clear

  • Sets in 15 minutes

  • Full cure = 24 hours

  • Can be used indoors or outdoors

  • No bleed-through, wrinkling, or curling

  • Can apply multiple coats—increasing bond strength

  • Will work on a variety of porous and nonporous substrates

About this product…

Loctite’s Spray Adhesive is a premium-quality substrate that creates high strength and high temperature-resistant permanent bonds. It is a lightweight bonding agent that works well with a variety of materials and environments..

This product is recommended for bonding: paper, cardboard, foam, fabric, leather, felt, cork, foil, certain plastics, metal, glass, and wood. While this sealant is compatible with a wide variety of materials, this product also dries clear, and is extremely versatile in a variety of projects and home designs and styles. Furthermore, the Spray Adhesive by Loctite can be used in both indoor and outdoor capacities. 

This product’s drying time is 15 minutes, with a full cure in 24 hours. After this product initially dries, you may apply the Spray Adhesive liberally, only increasing the bond strength with each coat. 

Drying clean and clear, this product allows for invisible repairs, and is ideal where support is not possible or easily reached. It was developed for light and demanding applications. Loctite’s Spray Adhesive requires no permanent bonds, will not bleed through, yellow, wrinkle, or curl materials.

An easy application, accessible for anyone from a contractor to a DIY-er!

Instructions (https://dm.henkel-dam.com/is/content/henkel/TDS-2235316-US-Loctite-General-Performance-100-Spray-Adhesive-Spray-Can-13.5-oz-2017-11-30pdf) 

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