Tyvek Roof Protector

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Tyvek Roof Protector by Dupont

The Dupont Roof Protector Underlayment is a four-layered synthetic underlayment installed under asphalt or metal roofing sloped at 2:12 or higher. It provides additional grip for slip resistance, a secondary moisture barrier and strength to minimize tearing at the fastener points. This underlayment allows for maximum roof coverage with 10 squares per roll and leads to reduced labor and waste with efficient installation creating fewer overlaps, seams and fasteners. The Dupont Roof Protector Underlayment has increased durability with a higher thermal stability than roofing felt which allows it to stand up against tougher conditions.


  • 20 year limited product replacement warranty

  • UV protection for up to 90 days

  • ASTM D226 Types I & II


  • 42" x 286'

  • 10 mils thick

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