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Tyvek Drainwrap by Dupont

A Moisture Barrier Engineered For Enhanced Drainage. A vertically-grooved surface provides added protection against water, by enhancing drainage away from the wall assembly. DuPont Tyvek DrainWrap is a moisture barrier designed to provide enhanced drainage in areas subject to extreme, wind driven rain.It combines the superior air and water resistance, vapor permeability and strength of Tyvek® with a vertically grooved surface, to help channel water safely to the outside.

How It Works

Tyvek® DrainWrap™ helps provide enhanced drainage behind claddings such as primed wood (all six sides), fiber cement siding, and foam board applied over flat substrates.  Vertical grooves on the surface of Tyvek® DrainWrap™ make it a superior moisture barrier, engineered to channel bulk water away from wall systems and drain safely to the outside. The  unique material structure of Tyvek DrainWrap helps hold out bulk water, while allowing water vapor to pass through it, promoting drying in the wall system, which can help prevent mold and water damage. The unique non-woven fiber structure of Tyvek DrainWrap™ also helps prevent air movement through the walls, contributing to a more energy efficient home.


  • 9' x 125'
  • 10' x 125'
  • Coverage ~ 1125 Square Feet 
  • Moisture Vapor Permeance ~ 50

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