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Tyvek Flashing Tape

Tyvek flashing taps enhance the long-term performance of your building openings with DuPont™ Flashing Tape. This easy-to-use self-adhered tape helps protect heads and jambs of rectangular or square windows and doors from intrusion by outdoor air, bulk water and wind-driven rain. By helping to better seal the building envelope, DuPont™ Flashing Tape can help reduce the risk of water damage, increase building comfort and improve energy efficiency.

*Sold by the roll

Seal Around Windows and Doors With Tyvek Flashing Tape. Help protect heads and jambs of rectangular windows and doors from air and water intrusion with DuPont Flashing Tape.
DuPont Flashing Tape helps protect the heads and jambs of  doors and windows from air and water intrusion. Wind-driven rain and outdoor air can find their way into walls around windows and doors. By helping to seal the building envelope, self-adhered DuPont Flashing Tape can help reduce the risk of water damage, increase building comfort, and improve energy efficiency.

How it Works:

DuPont Flashing Tape is made from polypropylene film with a butyl rubber adhesive backing. In installed system water intrusion testing with no exterior cladding, it performed to ASTM E-331 standards, and shows no leakage at 300 Pa, even after thermal aging to 160O F.

It is engineered to withstand the rigors of the job site, including UV exposure, for up to 120 days. In addition to bulk water holdout, DuPont™ Flashing Tape helps control air leakage, where windows and doors interface with sheathing or the weather barrier. As part of a complete building envelope system, this can help keep heated and cooled air in, and exterior air out, more effectively, for improved comfort and energy efficiency.


Length - Feet 33 or 75 
Width - Inches 4" - 6" - 9" - 12"
Package Quantity 1- Roll
Appearance DuPont Tyvek Logo printed on the tape
Thickness 20 mil (507 microns)
Made in the USA Yes
Application Jambs and heads of rectangular windows
Adhesive Butyl rubber (black)

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