Fascia Tool Bit by Deckorators

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Fascia Counter Sinking Drill Bit

Product Features

  • Fascia Tool

Free Spinning Stop Collar with O-ring

  • The stop collar spins free of the drill bit, prevent marring or burnishing of the fascia board surface.

Anti-clog Debris Cavity

  • The cavity gathers waste material, keeping it clear of the countersink.

Pre-set Countersink

  • The Fascia Tool matches the head diameter and countersink depth of the Fascia Screw for the perfect hole and fit.
  • Pre-set Shaft length
  • Together with the countersink, the overall hole depth is designed for use with fascia boards from 1/2" to 3/4" thick.

About this product...

A fascia counter sinking drill bit is used to create a depression in the Deckorators fascia so that the head of a fastener is flush with the surface. This is done by creating a shallow hole with a bevel or countersink at the bottom. The size of the countersink is determined by the diameter of the fastener head.

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