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Cortex Collated for Azek Decking

 Cortex offers a strong connection between the deck board and joist. It hides fasteners across the entire deck, first and last board, perimeter and stairs. And it just got better!

 Cortex now comes with the following product enhancements:

  • TORX® ttap® Drive System: This system is almost impossible to strip-out. In addition, the stability button keeps the fastener straight through installation.
  • Modified Fastener: New thread design reduces installation torque and dramatically increases fastener strength. Length moves from 2 ½”.
  • Stronger Setting Tool: Optimized for extreme pro contractor use. Stronger bit material and industrial grade felt will enable you to install 350 fasteners on one Cortex Setting Tool.

Sizes and Availability:

Cortex is available in a 100 lineal foot package, a 100 square foot package and a 300 square foot package. All screws, plugs, and setting tools are included in every box.

Installation Information:

 Pre-drilling is required when:

  • Installing into capstock decking (Where a composite core is wrapped by a vinyl or plastic shell)
  • Installing in extreme temperatures (Where temperature is below 40° F or above 80° F)
  • Installing into older framing or joists. In these cases, use a 7/32" drill bit to pilot a hole halfway through the deck board (not the framing).

Install a few Cortex screws and plugs to check for appearance before continuing. If you experience any issues, stop installation and call FastenMaster at the number below.

Additional installation tips & Frequently asked questions:

  • Use an 18V cordless drill on highest speed setting. (Impact driver is not recommended)
  • Drive fastener in one continuous motion until the driver bit releases from the head of the fastener. Do not slow or stop the drill. 
  • Can I use Cortex fasteners with steel or aluminum framing? Cortex for Advanced PVC is not compatible with metal framing.

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