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Transformers and Timers

From Deckorators’ 45W and 120W low voltage systems, featuring timers and photo sensors for automatic shut-off, to the 60W Odyssey LED Light Transformer from Aurora, Deck Expressions is your number one source for deck lighting transformer and outside light timer systems. Our high-quality transformers and timers from top-selling brands are low-voltage systems that connect to a standard GFCI exterior receptacle for easy, superior-quality illumination.

Finding the right system is easy at Deck Expressions. Our deck lighting transformer and light timer systems from High Point come in a variety of wattages and casings. They are made for compatibility with any lighting circuit configuration, as are many of our other transformer systems in stock. To find a specific transformer and timer that you want for your custom deck project, visit our product page for more details or call customer support and speak to a representative at any time, day or night.

We also offer wire connectors, base plate converters, bulbs, solar lighting, and anything else you may need to add the finishing touches to your deck project. The Wedge Base 1.5 LED Diode Bulb from High Point, for example, is designed to fit any wedge base socket and can brighten up dark corners with 105 lumens of soft white lighting. Our base plate socket converters from Aurora are another example of a simple way to transform 12V to 110V in the blink of an eye. Check out the installation video on the product page to see how easy it is!

For more information on our transformers and timers, please call our Deck Expressions customer service team at anytime. Call us toll free at 866-781-5033.