ALX Pro Aluminum Railing kit with Brackets by Deckorators

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Black or White
6' or 8'
Powder Coated Aluminum
Top and bottom rail, rail connectors (4 including screws)
25 year
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ALX Pro Aluminum Railing Kit by Deckorators

The Deckorators aluminum deck railing kit has a bold and attractive appearance. It offers a wide assortment of choices and components to create your ideal rail system. These Deckorators rails are sold in mix-and-match kits and colors, so you can pick from face mount, glass, or standard in line balusters to your preference. This aluminum railing kit provides durability and strength from its heavy-gauge aluminum construction. It comes with a black or white powder-coated finish designed to weather the harsh elements and last for years to come. These aluminum railings are powder-coated withAAMA2604-compliant material, providing five times the outdoor exposure protection and twice the humidity protection. They are created to work with all Deckorators baluster styles; you can easily create a custom design. Available in 36″ and 42″ rail heights and either 6′ or 8′ lengths, Deckorators’ aluminum deck railing kit offers an innovative cap-and-insert system that lets you snap cap rails into place with no visible fasteners. The strong yet simple and streamlined railing doesn’t obstruct your view and comes pre-drilled for easy and proper baluster spacing. Narrow 2.5″ posts fasten directly into the deck just add your choice of a matching post cap and base trim. 

Included in your kit are one upper rail, one lower rail, four railing connectors, and railing connector screws. Choose kits in satin black or white, then choose your baluster style. Classic, Twist, Ellipse,Estate,GlassBaroque, Arc, the choice is yours. Enjoy the customized railing options that are truly a specialty of the Deckorators brand.


  • 1 - upper rail
  • 1 - lower rail
  • 4 - railing connectors
  • Railing connector screws


Choose Post Sleeve: (available heights for ALX Sleeve 4"x4"x40-1/4"  or  4"x4"x54")

aluminum-postsleeve-black-450x325-56688.1447723954.1280.1280.jpg  aluminum-postsleeve-white-450x325-10045.1447723952.1280.1280.jpg  deckorators-stone-post-covers.jpg

Choose Cap Rail: (available lengths - 6'  or  8')

aluminum-capandinsert-black-450x325-93411.1447723681.1280.1280.jpg  aluminum-capandinsert-white-450x325-41349.1447723688.1280.1280.jpg  

Choose Post Cap:(all metal, low voltage LED, solar)

dn-whitealumhighpointpostcap-45575.1411546284.1280.1280-81140.1421534079.1280.1280.jpg  dn-deckoblack-46895.1411546367.1280.1280-92694.1421534077.1280.1280.jpg  aluminumpc-solarband-copperwhite-450x325-66835.1411545738.1280.1280-02431.1421534612.1280.1280.jpg  dckpclbbl-1000-67216.1421285560.1280.1280.jpg  lowvoltage-versacaps-traditional-black-450x325-97277.1411545018.1280.1280-18039.1433294979.1280.1280.jpg  

Choose Balusters: (many styles - inline or face mount)

balusterstwist-black-450x325-81055.1422663388.1280.1280.jpg  traditional-black-balusterstraditional-black-450x325-91171.1447718243.1280.1280.jpg  balustersestate-black-450x325-93753.1447718852.1280.1280.jpg  balustersellipse-black-450x325-06054.1411546224.1280.1280-01051.1421112051.1280.1280.jpg


bronze-balustersclassic-aluminum-bronzemetal-450x325-16658.1447716395.1280.1280.jpg  bronze-balustersbaroque-bronzemetal-450x325-03365.1447717979.1280.1280.jpg  balustersarc-black-450x325-44149.1447719354.1280.1280.jpg  glass-balusters-scenic-frontier-clear-450x325-51351.1447719884.1280.1280.jpg  


  •  Deckorators Aluminum Railing  has a durable powder-coated finish to keep this rail system safe from the elements. 
  • The aluminum railing system is designed to work with all Deckorators baluster styles
  • The 6-foot on-center railing system features pre-drilled rails for ease of installation of the Classic round or the Estate square in line balusters. If you're looking for a face mount look, options are the Baroque, Arc, or Traditional balusters.
  • An innovative cap and insert system allows you to snap on a cap rail without visible fasteners. 
  • Full 4 x 4 post sleeves with liner slide over treated 4 x 4s for a system that's ideal for remodels and new projects. 
  • Stair bracket kits are available for your stair rails and for 22.5° and 45° rail angles.
  • To finish off your outdoor project, there is a wide variety of solar and high point post caps and post trim pieces that are available.

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Reviews (1)

Excellent - Almost Great

Written by RonG on 17th Dec 2016

Great appearance and quality. Very sturdy. The need for posts to be plumb and square is no exaggeration though. If you have existing posts that are not plumb and square, measure carefully and cut long so you can remeasure and cut again. The brackets can handle 5° of out of square at the most but that is with difficulty.

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