Anti theft / Tamper-Resistant #14 Spanner bits by Nortek

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Anti theft / Tamper-Resistant #14 Spanner bits by Nortek

#14 Spanner bit is needed to Install or uninstall our Anti theft / tamper-resistant hardware, screws for post caps.

You will need to order this #14 Spanner bit, for your power screw driver to install the tamper-resistant screws.

The screws are 1" inch long, when provided with the Sedona caps - a three hole pattern will be punched, to accomodate the screws.

NOTE: Recommended Drilling with the Tiara post caps and the hammered copper post caps, you will need to Center Punch- Locate 3 Holes, Drill 1/8" pilot hole and finish with a 1/4" finish hole to accommodate the Tamper-resistant Screws. It is up to you just where on the cap and how many holes you want for your particular installation. Three screws per cap is a good number. 

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