What Does Tyvek Stucco Wrap Do?

What Does Tyvek Stucco Wrap Do?

Posted by Deck Expressions on Jan 19, 2019

Stucco. You either love it or you hate it.

Though more expensive per square foot compared to most siding options, stucco is a popular exterior choice for many homeowners. Stucco essentially encases a home in a mixture of cement, lime, and silica which improves the home’s energy efficiency by serving as an added layer of insulation.

And while stucco might be an expensive option, it can last for well over fifty years, making it a great investment if it is properly installed.

One of the most vital steps in stucco installation is creating a water- and airtight barrier around the home. Because stucco is a continuous sheet, as opposed to planks of siding, it tends to allow water to pool behind it. This can lead to areas of the stucco blistering or can allow water to leak inside of your home.

Managing Drainage With Stucco Exteriors

Stucco has unique water management needs when compared to other types of home exteriors and when those needs are not met, it can create a difficult and expensive-to-fix situation.

Tyvek has created an innovative solution to this common problem. As you likely know, Tyvek Wrap is a top brand when it comes to creating long-lasting building envelopes that keep the outside out and the inside in.

To solve contractor and homeowner frustration with stucco exteriors becoming waterlogged, Tyvek has created Tyvek StuccoWrap. This has all of the same great qualities of traditional Tyvek HomeWrap, but with the added benefit of a vertically grooved surface which funnels any water down and out of the stucco facade.

Because the Tyvek stucco wrap is easy to install and gives you plenty of bang for your buck (especially when you order it from Deck Expressions), it is a favorite among contractors and ambitious DIYers as well. Since it is pliable, it easily wraps around corners and architectural features like arches.

Arches are especially common on homes with stucco exteriors, as stucco and rounded archways are both characteristics of that classic Southwestern style home. That means if you are a contractor who frequently works on this style of home, you need to ensure you have the proper building envelope system to give your clients what they need, and the Tyvek stucco wrap does just that.

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If you are building stucco-clad homes or commercial properties, make sure you are giving your clients the very best by using the Tyvek stucco wrap to ensure proper drainage behind the stucco facade. Shop Deck Expressions today for Tyvek StuccoWrap and other Tyvek products!