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I would like to talk about this great new hidden deck fastening system called the “CAMO”

When i first tried this camo thing, I was building a few display decks for a dealer using various hardwoods. Well, to my surprise the camo zipped in all the boards with absolutely no issues what so ever. This included Ipe.(the beast)

This has to do with the patented screws used with the various guns. By the way, they offer 4 different guns for various applications.(the same screw is used for all guns)

When I had my deck built last year, I had my installer use the Camo system, at first he was a little hesitant, but once he started he loved it. Believe it or not he knocked a few bucks off the price.

This being said I would definitely try this Camo system out.

It works great and very efficient price wise.

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