Classic Diamond Lattice by RDI

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Classic Diamond Lattice by RDI


  • 10 colors to choose from: white, woodland green, sierra cedar, redwood, brazilian walnut, nantucket gray, better than treated, black, clay, and espresso.


  • Material: high density polyethylene 

  • Dimensions: 4’ x 8’ sheets

    • Openings = 2-3/4” x 2-3/4”


  • 1 - Lattice panel

More details:  

  • Low maintenance

  • Has the look of wood

  • Color matched cap and dividers available

  • Durable to withstand harsh weather conditions

  • Resistant to termites and other wood-eating pests

Not included:

  • Lattice dividers and caps

    • Click HERE for dividers and caps

  • Fasteners

    • Click HERE for fasteners

About this product…

Are you searching for lattices to cover underneath your decking, or simply to square in your above ground outdoor area? These classic diamond lattices by RDI offer a classic “white-pickett fence” aesthetic to your outdoor space, while maintaining a modern and polished appearance. As shown in our pictures above, this model can be used underneath decking to conceal your under-deck area, offering a large space for storing outdoor products. With larger openings than our diamond privacy lattice (https://www.deckexpressions.com/privacy-diamond-lattice-by-rdi/), the classic model offers more of a casual and outdoor-sy look. Another option with this lattice is to construct it as a fence around an outdoor space, acting as a wall for privacy. It can also be used as a trellis for flora and fauna!

This model is made from high density polyethylene, a plastic that emulates wood, giving you the benefits of a wood aesthetic without the maintenance of a wood product. No sanding, staining or painting necessary for these panels to be install-ready! 

The classic diamond lattice by RDI easily installs, using our lattice dividers to connect adjacent panels and our lattice caps to give the panel a finished look. Using our fasteners to install the lattices, RDI color matches its lattice fasteners to your lattice color, allowing your install to be aesthetically seamless. 

Click HERE for Classic Diamond Lattice Installation Instructions:

Simply follow the installation instructions provided in your order.


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