EZ Clean Cable Rail Cleaner by Rail FX

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EZ ~ Clean ~ Cleaner and Protectant by Rail FX

For our steel cable rail, we recommend using our E-Z Clean Cleaner & Protectant.  E-Z Clean cleans, lubricates and protects.  Simply apply the rust and stain remover and wipe off any rusty areas. Then apply the protectant and wipe off any excess.  The wax-based formula reaches deep into metal crevices to displace moisture and dissolve corrosion, and dries to a clean waxy waterproof finish without leaving a sticky residue.


  • Cleaner / Protectant 
  • Dissolves minor corrosion and leaves a protective coating that lasts for months
  • Includes 8oz. rust inhibitor and 4oz. bottle of protectant
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