Polymer Locking Latch Two Sided Vinyl Gate Lock

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Barrette Polymer Locking Latch Two Sided

The Polymer Gravity Latch features a push button and self-latching operation for a secure closure. Available with no lock, one-side lock key entry or with two-side lock key entry. Decorative latch is only available in black or White.


  • Designed for RDI vinyl gate applications.
  • Kit includes one gate latch, 1 - striker, 7 - 1” self drilling Phillips screws, 1 - push button, 1 - push rod, and 2 - keys.
  • Easy installation on posts with 1" or larger post dimension and gates with 1" or larger gate upright.
  • Made out of nylon and STAINLESS STEEL, ASTM B117 Salt-Spray tested and passed
  • Unmatched protection for unmatched gate hardware, with the warranty coverage to prove it. Covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is well protected.


  • Color ~ Black or white
  • Use with RDI Vinyl Gate

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Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty Aluminum Railing Who is covered: • The limited lifetime warranty covers single-family residential properties only. This limited warranty extends to the original purchaser and one (1) individual transferee as specified herein. • A twenty (20) year limited warranty covers any other type of building or property including those owned by corporations, governmental agencies, partnerships, trusts, religious organizations, schools, condominiums, homeowner associations, cooperative housing arrangements and apartment buildings. The warranty period will be twenty (20) years following the original date of Product purchase.

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