Under Rail Odyssey LED Light Strips by Aurora

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Aurora Low Voltage LED Light Strips

This LED Lighting system is easy to install and simply looks great. You can add lighting just about anywhere with the selection of tape lengths. You can even cut them down if needed. Lights are sold in either a kit or individually. The LED light bulbs create a beam of light with a 120-degree radius. The Odyssey LED lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting and offer a soft, warm light. Strip lights are easy to install and require no fasteners or screws. Low Voltage Lighting by the leader in outdoor lighting - Aurora.


  • 4 of each size wire
  • Transformer
  • Remote
  • 72" Light strip NOT sold as a kit


  • 18" ~ 2.25 watt
  • 24" ~ 3 watt
  • 36" ~ 4.5 watt
  • 48 ~ 6 watt
  • 72" ~ 10 watt


  • Use Odyssey lights to create a dramatic curtain of light.
  • Light shines down from under deck, handrails, steps, soffits, patio covers, gazebos, or underside of deck.
  • These long tiny LED light bulbs in the chain put out a beam of light with a 120-degree radius.
  • Transformer will operate up to 20' of lighting.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Soft warm white output.
  • 18 led's per lineal ft.
  • Easy to install.
  • Can be used as under kitchen cabinet lighting.
  • 1.5 watt per ft.
Check out our Light strip Housings.
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What is the product warranty? The Aurora Deck Light product is warranted against manufacturer defect for a period of one year. Product replacement is provided at no charge during this warranty period. Product must be returned to Deck lights for inspection at customer expense. Aurora Deck Lights does not provide for any labor costs related to product warranty.

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