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Low Voltage Lighting / L.E.D Lighting

Lighting is so much more than illumination. It adds ambience and style to your deck or walkway. At Deck Expressions, we offer a wide range of low voltage deck lighting and L.E.D. lighting options so you can create your own unique outdoor oasis.

Mounted Low Voltage Lighting

Our most popular lighting options are our mounted deck lights. These mount to posts and steps to shine light where you want it. The Estes light by Highpoint is a high quality fixture that pours light onto the deck while minimizing upward and outward light pollution. The Berkley recessed step light by Highpoint is a flush fixture that illuminates steps and deck surfaces.

If you’re looking for a unique style, our Ariel deck path lighting by Aurora easily mounts to your existing deck posts to give you simple, elegant lighting. Our Nebula lighting by Aurora is a beautiful option for low voltage deck lighting. This globe lamp shines light downward to illuminate your deck in a stylish, unobtrusive manner.

If you want a soft illumination option in a low key fixture, our recessed style lighting is just for you. Our 6 Panel step light from Highpoint is easy to install and gives you a traditional step lighting look. The Genesis step light from Highpoint offers a bold look and feel. For that classic craftsman home look our Mt. Evans step light from Highpoint is ideal. It features a three panel  face and comes in a variety of finishes so you're sure to find the perfect fit for your deck.

Low Voltage Light Kits

Looking for a complete low voltage light kit? We have them. Aurora Phoenix series, Dekor  and Deckorators all offer complete kits. Kits include lights, wiring, transformers and remotes.

Strip Lighting

One of the great new trends in deck lighting is strip lighting. This L.E.D. lighting option looks amazing and is incredibly easy to install. They can be installed under the top railing to give your stairs, deck, and even your kitchen cabinets a beautiful under glow. Our strip lighting from Aurora comes with wire, a transformer, and a remote control so you’ll have everything you need to bring warm, soft light to your deck or stairs.

Baluster Lighting

If you want to create a truly unique deck, consider our selection of lighted balusters from Deckorators. These feature a small light in the middle of the baluster. This low voltage deck lighting option will give your deck a warm, inviting glow. Consider alternating lighted balusters with traditional balusters to soften the light.

Lighting Accessories

Of course, you’ll need a few accessories when you install deck lighting. We have everything you need to get the job done right. We have junction boxes, waterproof wire connectors, cable connectors, wire covers, and more. We even have drill bits to help you install Highpoint and Aurora recessed lighting. Whatever you need for your low voltage deck lighting, we have you covered.

Deck Expressions for Your Lighting Needs

Creating the perfect deck is all about the details. Choosing your deck lighting can be just as important as choosing your balusters, materials, or finish. Deck lighting provides ambience and style, as well as illumination. At Deck Expressions, we’re dedicated to helping you build your ideal deck. Call us today to discuss lighting options.