6 Panel JTD LED Step Light by Highpoint

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6 Panel JTD LED Step Light by Highpoint

This recessed outdoor step light from High Point comfortably illuminates a 4' step. It is made of solid brass with a heavy duty back box witch features punch outs for use with conduit.Easy to install, pull-out reflective plate and sockets. Adjustable mounting tabs.It is the actual size of a brick.Can be used in concrete pours, rock or masonry projects, retaining walls, long wood or composite deck steps.Face plate consists of a chemical earth scape finish on solid brass with a white swirl glass lens. Guaranteed not to flake, peel or chip.The Highpoint Brick lights are the perfect choice to add light to your hardscape designs. Made to work great in concrete pours, retaining walls and steps.


  • Made from solid brass
  • COLORS ~ Black ~ Bronze
  • 3 watt LED 
  • 48" pigtail
  • Light color ~ 3000k


  • 8-3/4" Wide
  • 3" High
  • 3 watt LED Light

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