4" x 4" Turned Newell White Post Sleeve by Durables

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4” x 4” x 48” Colonial Turned Newel Post Sleeve by Durables


  • Material: vinyl ~ vinyl’s base ingredient is rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride); providing superior strength and ultraviolet resistance

  • Length: 48” 

  • COLOR: White


  • Post-sleeve (1)

More details:  

  • Low maintenance

  • Mounts over the internal structural post kit

    • Any of our 4” x 4” post caps or 4” x 4” post skirts will fit this model

  • Compatible with any vinyl rail system

  • Post sleeve can be shortened to match your specific application

    • If shortening, it is best to cut equal amounts from both the top and bottom

About this product…

Post-sleeves are used to cover existing posts that you may have on your deck, in your yard, or around your home. If you’re looking to update a space or make your home feel more in line with your desired aesthetics, post-sleeves are a cost-effective and easeful solution, not requiring you to remove previously installed posts. One quick home improvement that will transform your whole space is upgrading old posts that support deck or porch railing systems. Using these Colonial Turned Newel post sleeves from Durables, you can give your porch or deck a much-needed refresher at a very minimal cost. These posts are in line with aesthetics that communicate elegance, charm, timelessness, and history. 

Simply apply the post sleeves to any weathered or worn down posts, and you’ll notice an instant sense of accomplishment in making your home look refreshed. 

Furthermore, if you do not have existing posts and do not want to install bulky pieces of wood into your deck, you may use Internal Structural Posts as your base. 

Made from sturdy vinyl, this sleeve can withstand all kinds of weather, including humidity, rain, snow, and extreme heat. 


What is the difference between post-sleeves and post-wraps?

There’s not a huge difference in aesthetic, rather how they are installed. Which you choose typically depends on the state of your existing posts. Post-sleeves are one piece, while post-wraps are made up of multiple pieces that clasp together. Post-wraps are the perfect solution if your existing posts don’t allow you space to slide a cover over the top of them. With their multiple points of detachment, the Durables post-wraps offer a lot of freedom to the consumer and allows them to avoid a costly replacement. Both post-wraps and post-sleeves offer a new and fresh look to an otherwise dated or worn railing system.  

4” x 4” x 48” Colonial Turned Newel Vinyl Post Sleeve Installation Instructions

Any issues with installation, please call 1-888-743-3673

Whether you’re conducting a complete remodeling project or are planning on investing a single weekend afternoon on sprucing up your home, you’ll appreciate how easy this post sleeve is to install and maintain.

Warranty Information

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