Aluminum Round Basket for 3/4" Balusters by DekPro

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DekPro Basket for Round Balusters

Install this basket on baluster before installing baluster to upper and lower rails. Slide over round baluster to desired height and tighten.  Set to desired height, then tighten with included set screw.


  • Designed to slip over the round baluster and lock into desired position.
  • 100% Powder coated aluminum.
  • Available inBlack
  • Locks in place with set screws.


  • Black
  • Bronze

About this product...

The Ultimate Guide to DekPro Aluminum Deck Baluster Baskets. Enhance Your Deck's Style with DekPro Aluminum Round Baluster Baskets
DekPro Aluminum Baluster Baskets: A Stylish and Durable Deck Addition. Upgrade Your Deck's Aesthetic with DekPro Aluminum Baluster Baskets. DekPro Aluminum Deck Baluster Baskets: Elevate Your Outdoor Space's Look.


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