Aluminum Deck Railings, with their Classic look, are a Great Choice for Traditional Homes

Aluminum Deck Railings, with their Classic look, are a Great Choice for Traditional Homes

Posted by Rick R. on Jul 09, 2022

Traditional architectural styles create a sense of coziness and welcome in the home. Although the interiors of modern homes are often immaculate, they do not have the warm and inviting ambiance of Craftsman or Tudor types of architecture. Traditional homes can be crafted in any one of a vast number of architectural styles; nevertheless, the primary focus is always on making the home as functional as possible for everyday family living. Whether it has one story or two, a flat roof or a gabled one, a home that is family-friendly will have certain qualities. These traits include the following: Decks, patios, and porches are all great options for providing the family with a safe and functional outdoor space that they can enjoy together.

In order for a deck to be considered safe and useful, it must have a railing system that satisfies the requirements of both categories. In my opinion, aluminum railings are the superior choice for use in homes that have a conventional design. Aluminum deck railings, in the same way that conventional homes have both a stylish appearance and a functional layout, are also very popular. You can expect an explanation from us, in addition to numerous potential solutions using aluminum.

Aluminum Deck Railings: A Great Wood Alternative

Decks and porches made of wood are typically found in traditional residences. Traditional homes frequently highlight wood since it is a material that exudes warmth and is extremely adaptable. In terms of a railing material, it is lacking in terms of strength, maintenance, and longevity. Aluminum is useful for the following reasons:

  • In contrast to wooden railings, aluminum railings can be painted (or refinished) in a wide variety of colors. White railings are a terrific choice for historic homes, however, white railings made of steel or other metals are not very common. Aluminum is an excellent choice that is resistant to corrosion. Deck railing made of white aluminum is an excellent choice for beach houses since it is resistant to the effects of wind, sand, and rain.
  • Aluminum railings feature broader balusters than railings made of other metals, which gives the impression that they are made of wood and makes them more sturdy. Because of this, it is an excellent choice to use in place of wood in wet environments such as a pool.

Classic Aluminum and Wood Railings

Aluminum is another material that can be used in place of wood. The strength and durability of aluminum may be combined with the warmth and natural beauty of wood in a single railing system. This is achievable thanks to advancements in technology. Here are numerous examples:

  • The aluminum railing panels have a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, which contrasts perfectly with the natural and unpolished look of the wood posts, which have a more rustic and earthy appearance. The fact that reputable manufacturers offer pre-assembled railing panels and brackets that are easy to assemble contributes significantly to the ease with which installations may be carried out.
  • Add hardwood top rails to balusters made of metal to create a combination of the benefits of both materials, wood, and aluminum. Use wooden posts and a wooden top rail on your fence if you want it to have the appearance of being made of natural wood. Your fence will maintain its beautiful appearance for many years to come if you do this.

Aluminum and glass update traditional style

People who are interested in buying a property with a craftsman or ranch aesthetic-style frequently also want to include contemporary elements into the home so that it has a more modern and edgy aspect. In order to accomplish this, contemporary architectural characteristics must frequently be included in conventionally planned rooms. Aluminum and glass railings are both good choices for this, and contrary to common assumption, they are not nearly as difficult to clean as one might think they would be. The following is a list of some of the advantages of railing systems that use mixed materials:

  • A traditional look can be accomplished by using metal posts and top and bottom rails, while a more modern look can be accomplished by using glass panels or balusters. The combination gives a more modern feel to the railing, which otherwise has a more classic appearance.
  • Traditional homes often have enormous balusters that can be replaced with a railing system that is constructed of glass and aluminum. This railing system will frame your deck or porch without obstructing your view of the outdoors. This modern embellishment can make your deck look nicer without hindering your view in any way, making it an ideal choice.

Wonderful homes are those that exude coziness and hospitality. The construction of traditional homes was done with the intention of giving individuals the experience of living in a time capsule. It should not come as a surprise that both their aesthetics and their usefulness were taken into consideration during the design process. Aluminum railings are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, which is a perfect way to characterize the railings themselves.

We made the decision to use aluminum railings in the construction of my projects since these types of railings are so frequently found in homes that have a more classic design. Aluminum railings are popular due to their attractiveness, affordability, and sturdiness. Our aluminum railings are capable of fulfilling all three of the aforementioned standards. Because of the high-quality coating, they have a long lifespan and can withstand corrosion without being damaged. It functions well with composite decking systems, as it is compatible with those systems and performs well with them (which also look great on traditional homes, by the way). Decks Expressions offers a metal railing system that is of the very best quality that is attainable. It is an outstanding option for a home that has a traditional style.