Posted by Rick R. on Jan 16, 2023

It may be hard right now to think about your beloved outdoor living space if like most of the country, you are dealing with cold, bitter, snowy weather. Even in warmer weather locations, you still probably don’t have that true feeling that Spring and Summer bring. Well if you’ve been thinking about adding a deck to your home or renovating your existing deck and are considering waiting until the Spring, you might want to reconsider. It makes sense as to why you may think building decks in the spring and summer are ideal since those are the times of the year when you will use them most. However, having your deck built in the winter can give you some hidden advantages and we are here to help at Deck Expressions!

Can I Build My Deck In The Winter?

The short answer is absolutely! And it’s not only possible to build your deck in the winter, it’s much more ideal than waiting until Spring. You might think it’s too cold to take on such a project like building a deck, but most deck building contractors will disagree. Here are several reasons why Winter is the best time to build or renovate your deck!

As Soon As The Weather Turns, Your Enjoyment Will Begin!

If you wait until the spring to build or remodel your deck, then you could be missing out on weeks or months of actually using your coveted deck. On the other hand, if you build your deck during the “off” months, while you might not be able to use it immediately since it’s cold outside, it will be ready to go as soon as the temperature warms up. This gives you time to purchase accessories and other items to personalize your deck so you’ll be prepared to get immediate use out of your outdoor living space!

Staining A Wooden Deck? Winter Is The Time To Do It!

If your new or existing deck is built with natural word, most deck contractors also suggest building a deck in the winter if you plan to stain the wood. The dry air is ideal for staining compared to the humid air that Spring and Summer bring. Wood will absorb moisture from the warm Spring and Summer air and potentially lead to cracking or peeling in the stain. Plus, if it’s too hot outside, the stain could dry too quickly and lead to streaks or watermarks.

Twisting And Splitting Of Wood Less Likely In The Cool & Cold Weather Months!

The pressure-treated wood used by the best deck and patio builders is designed to last a long time. However, pressure-treated wood needs a few months to dry, making winter conditions the ideal for staining. If the wood has to dry during the heat of the summer, the humidity could cause it to take even longer to finish the drying process. Additionally, any direct sunlight on the wood during the summer can cause the wood to twist and split while it’s drying. These are issues that are minimized during the cool and cold Winter season.

As The Temperature Rises, So Will Costs!

Materials will almost always be lower during the Winter since the demand is not as high. The best contractors and deck builders will then pass those savings on you to make it more attractive for to complete you project now rather than waiting.

Labor Costs Could Be Cheaper

Some deck and patio builders will lower their labor costs during the winter since it’s typically not as busy for them. So when you combine the potential lower material costs with the lower labor costs, you might be able to have your deck installed for much cheaper than you thought without sacrificing quality. And since most contractors aren’t as busy in the winter, you can be more selective when choosing your builder to ensure you hire the right company for the job.

Your Yard And Landscaping Won’t Be As Disrupted

If you’re worried about your yard and landscaping getting damaged because of heavy foot traffic and materials taking up residence on your grass while building your deck, then completing the project in the winter can prevent that from happening. Your grass should be dormant, and the ground is firmer so you can expect minimal yard damage. And the best deck contractors will be mindful of any landscaping you have and do their best to work around it so you won’t have to start over in the spring.

Get Your New Deck Built Quickly In The Winter

When deck companies aren’t as busy in the winter, they can focus more on your project rather than bouncing back and forth between projects—something even the best contractors are known to do. So what normally could be a multi-week or even months long project could be done in about much less time as a result.

Bottom line--building a deck in the winter can potentially save you money on material and labor costs, get built quicker, and be ready to use as soon as the temperatures warm up. These are great reasons to get started on your deck building project today and Deck Expressions is here to help you get started! We can help guide you through your deck build or remodeling process and guide you to the materials and accessories that make the most sense for you! Additionally, our contractor program can ensure that your deck builder of choice is receiving the best deals and advantages we have to offer. Contact us today at to learn more about how we can help you achieve the deck of your dreams and have that deck ready for you as soon as the weather turns!