Deck Gates

Deck Gates

Posted by Contact Sales on Nov 01, 2020

Want to be able to access your yard from your deck easily without leaving open spaces in your railing? Keep the look of your deck consistent, but get to and from where you want to go easily, with this vinyl railing gate. This is a simple but stylish option for those who have pets or a garden they want to access easily.

Have an opening that is up to 48" try our custom gate kit by RDI.

This gate is compatible with any railing system. It is a low maintenance aluminum reinforced vinyl system. It is easy to install and helpful for any number of situations. The gate arrives as a full panel so no additional assembly is required. No detail is too small and we've considered them all, down to the tamper-proof screw head covers. The vinyl-clad aluminum stiffeners provide strength and durability so you don’t have to worry about it breaking when it endures the harshest of elements —such as strong wind or heavy rain. It helps to provide a slight boundary if that is what you would like for your yard and home.

Don’t feel like you have to have a full wrap-around railing that closes you in and makes it difficult to get to and from your deck or yard. This vinyl railing gate makes for easy access and provides a great short cut, should you need it. Maybe you would like to keep your pets off your deck so they do not scratch or claw at it, requiring more maintenance in the long term. This gate helps to keep your yard separate from your deck without sacrificing the view. This vinyl deck railing idea is a great solution for those who want practicality and beauty.