Installing A Glass Railing System

Installing A Glass Railing System

Posted by Rick R. on Jul 10, 2022

Stairways are often small and dark. Stairways, when done correctly, improve a home's appearance, drastically. Stairway design, done well, grabs extra attention. (note: narrow stairwells limit stairwell options.) Since choosing the right railing choice impacts the aesthetics of a stairway as well as the home’s aesthetics as a whole, to such a high degree, let’s talk about a personal favorite option of mine; glass railings!

Modern interior designers prefer glass stair railing. And they are trending for good reasons!

Glass handrails facilitate light flow, open up space, and add visual interest to the interior. This simple touch of design goes a long way in emphasizing a home's clean lines and luxury.

Glass railings

"So Posh!" comes to mind when hearing "Glass Staircase." Next, we think, "Isn't it risky? I dropped a glass cup one time and it wasn’t a great situation". Well, we have some news for you.

Glass balustrades use super-strong glass. A lot stronger than that glass cup.

Three common categories of glass:

  • Heat-Strengthened Glass
  • Tempered Glass
  • Architectural Glass

1. Heat-Strengthened glass is rare.

Heat-strengthened glass is strengthened by high-temperature heating. Force-cooling the glass strengthens and stabilizes it. Heat-treated glass is twice as strong as untreated though it does shatter on impact. Heat-strengthened glass isn't recommended for stair railings.

2. Tempered glass is great.

Tempered glass is made like heat-strengthened glass. It’s the cooling process that differentiates tempered glass from heat-strengthened glass. Tempered glass uses accelerated cooling. And accelerated cooling increases surface compression in tempered glass. Tempered glass is strengthened by this process. On a hard enough impact, the tempered glass breaks into small harmless pieces. Tempered glass's properties make it ideal for glass fences and railings.

3. Architectural glass is the best!

We need super-strong, non-cracking glass for the glass staircase. Architectural glass is strong and ideal for a glass fencing system. 5 stars.

Glass handrails

Glass railings brighten interiors - Indoor glass balustrades are a stylish home railing option. It offers a safe, stylish barrier without sacrificing open space. Glass stair railings are the best way to improve a staircase. It enhances your interior's style. Popular indoor glass stair railings include dadoed, standoff, clamped, and mono stringer.

Enhance the exterior with glass railing - Outdoors need the same care as indoors. Glass fencing modernizes balconies and decks and glass balcony railings elevate the building's appearance. It also enhances the building's curb appeal. The building's glass deck railing makes it stand out.

Glass stair railings are safe - It's the most popular glass stair railing. Framed railings are made of tempered glass and steel, aluminum, or wood. It's safe and luxurious. Framed railings maximize views around pools, decks, and balconies.

Luxurious frameless glass railing - Frameless glass railings are glass rails without frames. Glass rails are only held by posts. Glass stair railings. Frameless handrails are sleek and polished, creating a luxurious feel and unobstructed view. This railing system is used on high-end balconies, terraces, and decks.

Glass railing pros and cons


Glass handrails offer many benefits.

  • Glass handrails are elegant and glass stair railings are visually appealing. They provide a simple and powerful option to improve a building's interior and exterior.
  • Glass deck railings offer an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Transparent fencing allows you to enjoy the view.
  • A glass balcony railing is a great barrier for kids. They can enjoy the air and view. Parents don't need to follow them to the balcony if they fear injury.
  • Glass balustrades come in a variety of types and designs. You can buy frosted, textured, tinted, or carved glass for the stairway.
  • Durability – The railing system uses durable glass. It's nearly unbreakable and damage-free. It doesn't rust or break like iron or wood. Glass stair railing is more serviceable and durable.
  • Low-maintenance: Glass handrails. With a few wipes, they'll be like new.
  • Better resale value – A glass railing system adds elegance and boosts property value. If you're a property dealer or looking to change your home, consider glass rails.
  • Glass is recyclable, so using it in railings is eco-friendly.


Glass fencing has some disadvantages.

  • Glass balustrades cost more than steel or wood stair rails to install (Though we think the benefits of glass rails outweigh the cost.).
  • People who want more privacy may be bothered by this. Transparent rails let you see the scenery from both sides. Textured or frosted glass can add confidentiality.

Residential Glass Railing

Residential railings often use tempered glass. Glass thickness varies by project. However, 14" is standard.

Commercial Glass Railing

Laminated glass in commercial railings improves safety and security. Commercial railings use 9/16" glass.

Glass railings are elegant and sophisticated. Its beauty, strength, and safety make it ideal for residential and commercial projects. Improve your home's appearance with glass rails.

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