Refresh Your Deck Instantly with Composite & Aluminum Post Sleeves from Deck Expressions

Refresh Your Deck Instantly with Composite & Aluminum Post Sleeves from Deck Expressions

Posted by Rick R. on Aug 24, 2023

Over time, harsh weather and regular wear and tear can significantly impact your backyard deck. Posts become splintered, paint peels away, and your once-beautiful outdoor space looks drab and worn out. But don’t tear down your deck just yet! With composite or aluminum post sleeves from Deck Expressions, you can update the look of your deck.

These maintenance-free post sleeves simply drop over your existing structural 4x4 posts, providing an instant facelift. You’ll be amazed how quickly and easily you can switch out weathered posts for composite or aluminum sleeves that look clean, sleek, and attractive. Here’s a step-by-step guide to measuring, trimming, and installing post sleeves to refresh your deck.

Select Between Composite and Aluminum Options

Deck Expressions offers composite and aluminum sleeve materials to suit your deck's style. Composite post sleeves like the TimberTech Radiance Railing have a natural, wood-like finish that won't rot, crack, peel, or require painting. For a more contemporary, minimalist look, aluminum sleeves from the Avalon series are lightweight, rustproof, and modern.

Take Precise Measurements Beforehand

Measuring the height and width of your existing deck posts beforehand ensures you can find sleeves that will fit snugly over them. Post sleeve heights at Deck Expressions typically range from 36 inches to 42 inches tall. There are also adjustable and telescoping sleeve options to accommodate different post widths.

Trim Sleeves to the Perfect Custom Size

If your deck posts are shorter than standard sizes, carefully trim or cut the sleeves to size before installing. Use a miter saw with a fine-tooth blade for smooth, precise cuts. Proper sleeve length allows the sleeves to accommodate handrails and gives your project a tailored finished look.

Install Sturdy Mounting Brackets

For a secure fit, galvanized steel post-sleeve mounting brackets should be attached around inner posts slightly lower than the ends of the sleeves. This prevents any wobbling or movement. For structural post sleeves that can stand freely, specialty anchoring brackets are available.

Slide the Sleeves Over Existing Posts

Once brackets are securely mounted, simply slide your composite or aluminum post sleeves over your worn, weathered deck posts until the sleeves rest atop the brackets. Use a level to double-check that the sleeves are straight.

Consider Decorative Trims and Accessories

For extra decorative flair, Deck Expressions offers matching composite trim pieces designed to complement the sleeves. Skirt boards surround the sleeve base, while capital trims provide an attractive finish at the top.

Enjoy Your Instantly Transformed Deck!

With high-quality post sleeves from Deck Expressions, you can easily switch out splintering, unsightly deck posts for sleek, durable composite or aluminum sleeves in just an afternoon. Get ready to entertain again on your outdoor oasis! Browse Deck Expressions’ wide selection of low-maintenance sleeves online to find the perfect options for your deck’s style and budget. Call us now!