Steel prices rise!

Steel prices rise!

Aug 20, 2018

This communication is to provide notice of upcoming price increase for MetalWorks Excalibur steel railing. Other products that are utilizing some steel will also be subject to increases including Titan Pro Rail posts and structural steel posts used with our vinyl railing program.

Over the past few years, steel costs as well as transportation costs have been increasing significantly and to date we have not passed the increase to the market. In addition, and most recently, our steel railing products now fall under the latest set of global trade tariffs, which has been set at 25%. Unfortunately, we have no option but to adjust pricing to accommodate the tariff impact immediately. We will also be implementing a subsequent price increase to offset the raw material and freight increases.

Note, should the political/trade climate shift and the tariffs get relaxed, we would certainly re-evaluate pricing at that time.

Details are as follows:

1. Tariff increase, effective 8/23/18:Excalibur Steel Railing– List prices will be increasing by 25%.Structural Steel Posts– List prices will be increasing by 25%.Titan Pro Rail Posts– List prices will be increasing by 15%.

Due to the nature of the tariff, we are not able to give the typical 60 day notice of this price increase and new prices will be effective as of 8/23/18. Please note, only domestic orders serviced from Barrette locations with product on the ground will honor current pricing up to 8/23. Any direct shipment container orders placed in this timeframe will not arrive before the tariff goes into effect, and will be subject to the new increased price.