What Is the Most Secure Railing for a Deck?

What Is the Most Secure Railing for a Deck?

Posted by Rick R on Jul 01, 2022

There are several factors to consider when choosing the most secure railing for a deck. The first is the height of the deck. If the deck is high off the ground, a taller railing may be necessary to prevent people from falling off. The second factor is the type of material the railing is made from. A railing made from a sturdy material like metal or wood is less likely to break than one made from a less durable material like plastic. The third factor is the design of the railing. A railing with a simple design is less likely to have gaps or openings that people could fall through.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, the most secure railing for a deck would be a tall metal or wood railing with a simple design.

Is the cable deck railing a safe option for children?

Cable railing creates an appealing appearance on any deck it is installed on. Its reduced sightlines are what give it a contemporary feel. If the cable is tensioned correctly, there is less risk of harm being caused to people. Some people question whether or not it is safe for children to use this kind of railing because horizontal cables can create what is known as a "ladder effect," which allows children to climb and potentially fall off of the railing.

According to the findings of a study that was carried out by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association (NONMA), children sustain falls from railings 0.032 percent of the time, making this a relatively insignificant percentage of the total number of injuries they sustain. At locations that have windows, doors, countertops, and fences, the incidence of injuries is significantly higher than at other locations. The majority of the concerns that were raised about people climbing horizontal railings have been dismissed. In some areas of the world, horizontal railings are prohibited because of the inherent dangers involved.

Decks Expressions develops a vertical cable railing panel with the goal of reducing risk and providing homeowners with an alternative in areas that have restrictions on horizontal railings. Vertical railings have eliminated the risk of climbing-related injuries to children. These railings also provide protection to adults. In order to comply with safety regulations, cables constructed of marine-grade stainless steel type 316 are spaced very closely together. Cable railings that have long cable spans and minimal termination points are not required to have their tension readjusted as frequently as these railings because both the cables and the posts are resistant to corrosion and warping. Because of this, even if they are not routinely maintained, they will continue to be safe over the course of their entire lifespan.

Will the glass railings splinter into pieces?

Clear views of the surrounding scenery can be had through the glass deck railing. Concerns have been raised by homeowners regarding the ability of this material to withstand the effects of either human or natural impact. Tempered glass panels with a drop-in style and a thickness of 6 millimeters are simple to install and are three to five times as strong as regular glass.

This specialized glass can withstand an impact velocity of 60 feet per second, which is equivalent to 41 miles per hour, as well as a stress of 24,000 pounds per square inch. In the event that these panels are broken by an impact of sufficient force, they are designed to shatter into small, blunt pieces to protect users from slicing themselves accidentally.

Is Aluminum Rail Tough?

Because it does not rust or corrode, aluminum is resistant to the effects of snow, ice, rain, and ultraviolet rays, and it will not twist, shrink, or warp under these conditions. Commercial railings that are intended for use in residential settings are typically manufactured by industry leaders with a pre-attached bracket system. Installation of above-ground decks, porches, and patios is made easier and more secure by the use of brackets that are already attached to the structure.

How can deck railings be made child-proof?

Children can be put in harm's way by even the most secure deck railings. It's possible for small heads and bodies to squeeze through the gaps between the deck and the railing, as well as between the railings themselves. Supervise the children on deck to lower the chances of them getting hurt or finding themselves in an awkward situation. According to the IRC, homeowners should make sure that any gaps measure less than 4 inches. Children will be less likely to trip or hurt themselves as a result of this measure.

The installation of aftermarket components such as child gates, meshes, and plexiglass barriers can make decks for children significantly safer. If a homeowner is considering doing this, they should first check with a deck inspector or a qualified decking professional to determine whether or not doing so will invalidate the product warranty and whether or not the safety measures will result in unintended or hazardous outcomes.

The installation of secure deck railings is one of the most important aspects of deck safety.

As was just explained, the type of deck railing that offers the highest level of safety for an outdoor project will depend on a variety of different considerations. Decks Expressions, as a partner of NADRA, is committed to the dissemination of information regarding safe building practices and deck safety. Decks Expressions' railing has been rigorously tested to ensure it meets all applicable industry standards and is backed by the industry's most comprehensive warranties. Because it is a part of the Total Solution, it can work in conjunction with various other outdoor building products to produce living areas that are safe, have an appealing appearance, and are long-lasting.