Why You Need Solar Lights

Why You Need Solar Lights

Posted by Rick R on Jul 06, 2022

Solar lighting benefits

Solar lighting is mainstream for good reason. This lighting is green, cheap, mobile, and effective. Solar lighting will make you rethink regular lights. Why?

Solar's magic

Rooftops in major cities likely have solar panels.

Solar panels are used in residential yards and other places worldwide. Solar lights harness the sun's energy.

This process uses charge converters, inverters, batteries, solar panels, and cells. Each component is important for conversion.

Charge controllers prevent overcharging and discharging. DC solar energy must be converted to AC for use. An inverter is needed for this conversion. The battery's anodes and cathodes cause the chemical reaction. The plastic or metal cases protect the battery from physical contact.

Solar panels are made of…:

Solar panels are made of crystals bonded by silicon's outer electron shell.

Solar lights work.

The solar cell, also called photovoltaics, converts sunlight into electrical current for lighting.

The solar cell has crystalline silicon and chemicals.

These elements create positive-charged spaces and negative-charged electrons in layers.

Sunlight enters the solar cell, stimulating negatively charged electrons to move to positively charged spaces. The positively charged spaces transfer electricity as electrons. The solar cell wires then charge the battery. The battery stores the day's power. After sunset, sunlight isn't converted to energy so during this time, the solar light's photoreceptor detects darkness and turns off. The battery provides nighttime power.

Solar lighting has many benefits.

9 reasons to buy solar lights

1. Renewable light source

Solar energy is renewable. As long as the sun rises, there will always be light. Solar lights ensure a well-lit home or business. This energy source is unlimited. Electricity and other finite resources aren't infinite. After installing solar-powered lights, you can rest assured that your home or workplace will be adequately lit no matter the weather.

2. Mobility

Remember when you had to cord your lights? Solar-powered lighting doesn't require any cords. You'll have constant power without those tripping-hazard cords.

You can move solar lights as you please. If part of your property doesn't get enough sun, you can reposition the solar-powered lights. These newly-charged lights will last as long as desired. You can even buy small solar-powered lights, charge them in the sun, and bring them with you on the road.

Simply replant the solar light to provide light.

You can even hold your solar light while walking late at night with the dog, friends, or family.

3. Solar lights are green

Wouldn't it be great to save money and the planet? By using solar-powered lights, you'll reduce your carbon footprint. Why use finite, expensive nonrenewable energy sources when you can use the sun?

4. Solar lamps save money

Solar lights and panels are expensive, but they pay for themselves over time. Install solar lights and you won't have to pay for electricity to light your home or office. Free solar energy powers solar lights. After paying for the solar lights, you'll have free lighting. No cords, plugs, or outlets are needed.

Rechargeable batteries power solar lights. When sunlight hits solar panels, batteries recharge. Don't pay for outdoor outlets or cords to connect conventional lights. Solar lights are a one-time investment that saves money over time.

5. Maintenance? - No Need!

Solar lights are nearly maintenance-free. When properly installed, solar lights require little-to-no maintenance besides battery replacement every 5-7 years. When changing batteries, check the solar lights. If parts are dirty, clean them. There's a good chance your solar lights will never need maintenance.

6. Solar lights are safe

Solar lights have no external wiring. Solar lights reduce cords and wires and are relatively safe. A child, dog, or visitor won't be electrocuted, strangled, or tripped by these cordless lights. The same can't be said for traditional lights with cords and wires. The cherry on top is that solar lights never overheat. You can safely place these lights anywhere you want.

7. Solar lighting is diversifying

Solar lights come in many varieties. Find solar lights of any size or style. Solar lights can illuminate a front yard path or a large portion of a backyard. Solar lights placed strategically can make your deck more intimate and cozy. Many councils and businesses are installing solar street lights.

8. Sunlight Burglars Beware

Solar sensor lights are cordless, so thieves can't unplug or cut them. Solar lighting improves your property's nighttime visibility and safety. Burglars will be deterred by plenty of lighting. Solar lights let you see your entire property through your window, even when it's dark.

9. Reliable Lighting

When the power went out, you probably used flashlights or candles to see. Solar lights will let you see clearly if the grid or power goes out. Solar lights are much better than traditional ones. Solar will make you autonomous. Why rely on the power grid when you can use solar lights? Sunlight is a reliable power source. Don't worry about solar light costs. The benefits of this amazing technology outweigh the initial cost of installing it. Take the solar route and you'll always have illumination, even if there's a power outage or power surge in your home.