Brick Panels by GenStone

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Brick Veneer Panels by GenStone

  • Versatile and Easy to Install
  • Simply measure, cut and attach

The GenStone stacked stone and brick installation systems are designed to make any project from remodels to renovations, pillars, columns and even upgrading the curb appeal of a steel building simple for everyone. Watch the above video for a quick overview on how each component of our made easy system works together to help you complete your project quickly and easily.

The GenStone made easy system consists of panels, corners, ledgers and trim. Watch the video below to see how our panels and accessories are designed to work with one another throughout your installation area. Before you dive into planning your GenStone project, download the full brick spec sheet and pay careful attention to the difference between coverage area that you will include in your measurements and the shiplap edges you will not include in your overall surface area.

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Providing 3.61 SQFT of coverage per piece, the full panel is attached with screws in the mortar under the interlocking joints. This panel attaches seamlessly to the corner piece and ledger making any project fast and simple.

1/2 PANEL:

Stacked on top of the full panel and paired with the ledger, the half panel creates a perfectly sized wainscot. The half panel delivers almost 2 SQFT of coverage per panel and is very useful for projects that require numerous cuts.







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