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Marksman Edge Installation Tool by Camo

The MARKSMAN EDGE tool makes it easy to fasten CAMO Edge hidden deck screws. Simply load your Edge hidden deck screw, set the tool, and drive. Hide your deck screws with the CAMO MARKSMAN system. Edge fasteners are hidden deck screws designed for ANY deck top - wood or composite, and works with any board profile. Some of the most common deck tops any board type including square or grooved composite, pressure-treated wood, PVC, or hardwoods, Edge hidden deck screws are the best way to enjoy the beauty of your deck top without seeing your fasteners. Edge hidden deck screws are installed on the edge of the deck board, hiding the fastener while protecting the face of the deck board. By shifting the fastener location from the deck top to the edge of the deck board, you are left with a fastener free deck surface that is less prone to splitting and cracking. Not only does this system improve the overall look of your deck, but it holds stronger than a traditional face fastener. When a deck board is face fastened, the head of the screw or nail is keeping your board in place. Edge hidden deck screws leverage the strength of the entire screw to hold your deck board in place. Edge hidden deck screws are easy to install using either the CAMO DRIVE system or the MARKSMAN system. Available in PROTECH exterior coating and 316 stainless steel.

The Camo Marksman Edge is another product in the Camo line of deck board hidden screw fastening tools.
Like the regular Camo Marksman Pro tools, the Edge guides the Camo screws diagonally through the edge of deck boards and into the joist, but the decking doesn't have to be spaced apart.
The Edge is perfect for installing wet pressure treated deck boards tight together.
Then as the decking drys and shrinks, the gaps open up to about ¼ in. 


  • For use with treated and other softwood lumber
  • No installed gap between boards
  • Attaches to any drill
  • Heavy-duty, contractor-grade tool
  • For additional gap options, can be used with secondary spacers
  • Uses camo fasteners
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