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CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners ~ Bulk Bucket ~ 1750 Fasteners

CONCEALoc is a hidden fastener system that combines easy installation with the look of a fastener-free surface. This pneumatic system is compatible with the FastenMaster Tiger Claw Gun.


  • For installation on our grooved deck boards
  • Covered by 25-year limited warranty
  • Compatible with AZEK and TimberTech deck boards
  • Covers 1,000 sq.ft.
  • Includes 1750 Fasteners
  • Built in spacing provides a 1/8" - 3/16" gapping

The CONCEALoc Hidden Fastener System is designed for installation of edge-grooved planks, ensuring a smooth, safe, and attractive deck surface. 
The "wings" on each CONCEALoc Fastener insert into side grooves in adjoining Deck Boards. Hidden below the surface of the deck, they are securely held to the top of the underlying structural joists with a single stainless steel screw (included) and insure proper and consistent spacing of the deck boards. Ingenious!

About this product...


Timbertech Concealoc Fasteners are a type of hidden deck fastener system designed for use with Timbertech composite decking boards. These fasteners are made from stainless steel and are specifically designed to be used with Timbertech's grooved decking boards. The Concealoc fasteners work by attaching to the side of the decking boards, rather than the top, creating a seamless and clean look on the surface of the deck. This eliminates the need for visible screws or nails, giving the deck a more polished and professional appearance. One of the key features of Timbertech Concealoc Fasteners is their ease of installation. They can be easily installed with a pneumatic gun, making the installation process much faster and more efficient compared to traditional deck fasteners. This also helps to reduce the risk of splitting or cracking the boards during installation. In addition to their ease of installation and sleek appearance, Timbertech Concealoc Fasteners also offer superior holding power. The fasteners have a unique design that allows them to securely grip the sides of the decking boards, creating a strong and durable connection. Another advantage of using Timbertech Concealoc Fasteners is that they are resistant to corrosion and rust. This is due to their stainless steel construction, making them a long-lasting option for outdoor decking projects. Overall, Timbertech Concealoc Fasteners offer a great solution for creating a beautiful and functional deck. They provide a strong and secure attachment, while also giving the deck a clean and polished look. With their ease of installation and durability, they are a popular choice among homeowners and contractors alike.


25-Year Limited Residential 10-Year Commercial Limited Warranty Against Corrosion Statement of Warranty: This warranty is given to either (1) the original purchaser or (2) the owner(s) of the property at the time of installation, if different from the original purchaser (collectively hereinafter “Purchaser”), of TimberTech TOPLoc® Face Fastening System, TimberTech TOPLoc® Fascia Fastening System, TimberTech FUSIONLoc® Hidden Fastener System, TimberTech CONCEALoc® Hidden Fastener System, TimberTech SideLoc™ Fasteners, and TimberTech Cortex® Fasteners (collectively “Fastener Products”). For purposes of this warranty, a residential Purchaser shall refer to a single-family residential homeowner and a commercial Purchaser shall refer to any Purchaser other than a single-family residential homeowner. This warranty shall only apply to use of the Fastener Products in conjunction with TimberTech® brand decking.

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