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Touch Up Paint Kits for GenStone Stone Veneer

We recommend one touch up paint kit for every 400 square feet of GenStone installed. Paint kits are used to paint any raw exposed material resulting from cuts and to conceal holes left by fasteners in the face of the panels, trim and ledger. Each paint kit comes with the 3 primary colors you will need to finish your project like a pro.

Recommended for all GenStone installations. The paint kit helps you finish your project like a pro. The paint kit can also be used to tint GenStone caulking, making concealing any visible fastener holes not only fast and easy, but also reliable and weather tight.


  • Premium exterior paint with UV protection
  • 1 paint kit for every 400 sq. ft. and 1 paint kit to tint caulking
  • All colors that make up the panels, trim, ledgers and caps are provided
  • Apply with a paint brush or q tip
  • Mix multiple colors provided in a bowl to create the perfect blend
  • Tint GenStone caulking with paint for fast reliable concealment of fasteners


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