GenStone Exact Color Caulking

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GenStone Exact Color Caulking

Our color match caulking is used to conceal fastener holes in the ledgers, trim and any place face screw has been used to secure a panel. Exact Color caulking can also be used to paint raw material exposed from cutting the panels, ledgers and trim down to size.

GenStone Exact Color caulking can be tinted to match the base color of the panel, ledger and trim. We recommend buying one paint kit for every Exact Color caulking kit in order to tint the caulking. Both GenStone Big Stretch and Exact Color caulking is water based and paintable, which makes eliminating fastener holes easy throughout any installation.


  • Sold by the 10.5oz Tube

How do I tint the caulking?

  • The caulking is tinted with a GenStone paint kit. Each Exact Color comes with everything you will need to tint the caulking except for the paint kit, which is purchased separately.

What color should I tint the caulking?

  • If your project consists of both panels and ledger or trim, it's best to tint the caulking the color of the ledgers or trim. Ledgers and trim are the same color and are attached with fasteners in the face of the pieces. The color of the ledgers and trim will be lighter than the panel, therefore you can use the darker colors in the paint kit to blend the caulking into the face of the panel.

Why Exact Color?

  • Our color match caulking makes concealing fastener holes quick and is engineered with elasticity, meaning it will stretch, bend and compress to endure any movement the structure experiences as well as help your installation perform well under freeze thaw conditions.

What's the difference between Big Stretch and Exact Color?

  • Both caulking products will perform the same no matter where the caulking is applied. We recommend Big Stretch white caulking for areas where you will not see the application because Big Stretch is less expensive than the tint-able Exact Color caulking

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