GenStone Big Stretch Caulking

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GenStone Big Stretch Caulking

Most structures are prone to movement which can crack and break most caulking products. GenStone Big Stretch is elastic and engineered to stretch rather than crack like other caulking products. We suggest one tube of Big Stretch caulking for every 100 SQFT of GenStone you install. This caulking is recommended for both exterior and interior projects.


  • Sold by the 10.5oz tube
  • COLOR-White

Panels and Corners:

  • Apply the caulking along the shiplap edges where the panels and corners connect to one another or to ledgers.


  • Run a bead of caulking in the negative space where the ledgers will connect to panels or corners.


  • Caulking is applied where the trim will connect to any other piece of the GenStone system and where the trim will terminate into any part of the structure.


  • Caulking should be applied where any ledger or trim comes in contact with the structure to ensure a weathertight seal between the GenStone and the structure.

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