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ALX Contemporary Gate Jamb Kit by Deckorators

The ALX Contemporary Gate Jamb Kit by Deckorators is a pre-fabricated gate jamb system designed to make it easier for anyone to create a secure, decorative, and modern entrance for their outdoor space.  With its contemporary design and a variety of powder coat colors to choose from, there is sure to be an option that enhances any deck, porch or landscape design. Use the jamb kit to create a custom gate size.This is designed to be used with the Deckorators welded railing.

  • Purchase a 36" or 42" x 6' Level rail to build your custom gate:

Click HERE for ALX Railing:

Click HERE for installation instructions:

NOTE ~ Our jamb kits work with our Deckorators Railing only!


  • Gate Jamb Kit available for 36” and 42” rail heights allowing for customized gate sizes
  • Gate Jamb Kit available in Textured Black, Textured White, Weathered Brown and Bronze
  • Made of powder-coated aluminum


  • 2 ~ Top & Bottom Rail Connectors
  • 2 ~ Side Rails
  • 1 ~ Hinge Set
  • 1 ~ Latch


deckorators-texturedblack-swatch.jpg Textured Black

weatheredbrown-1.jpg Weathered Brown

deckorators-bronze-swatch.jpg Bronze

texturedwhite-swatch.-1jpg.jpg Textured White

NOTE ~ This jamb kit will NOT work with the Lowes Deckorators ALX Contemporary Railing.


ELIGIBILITY Deckorators, Inc. (the “Warrantor”) is pleased to extend this Warranty to you, the original consumer or end user (the “Consumer”) of the Deckorators product. This Warranty is valid for Deckorators ALX Railings, Aluminum Balusters and Scenic (tempered glass) Balusters (“Railing Product”) used in standard residential applications in the United States and Canada, and may not be assigned or transferred by you. LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY AND TEN-YEAR SALT WATER APPLICATIONS LIMITED WARRANTY Warrantor, at its sole option, will replace or refund the original purchase price for any Deckorators ALX Railings used in a decking/railing application where the coated surface chips, cracks, checks, chalks or peels. Warrantor will also, at its sole option, replace or refund the original purchase price for any manufacturing defects in any tempered glass material or aluminum extrusion for your Deckorators ALX Railings used in a decking/railing application. Installations located within one (1) mile of coastal salt water are limited to the first ten years from date of purchase. Warrantor shall have no further liability or obligation except as expressly stated herein. If a claim is made under this Warranty on a product that is no longer available, Warrantor reserves the right to provide a similar product of equivalent quality and value. TWENTY-FIVE-YEAR REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT WARRANTY If a Railing Product is proven to be defective and eligible for replacement or refund under the terms of this Warranty and was installed in strict accordance with the installation instructions, Warrantor will provide, in addition to replacement product or a refund of the original purchase price, a prorated portion of the reasonable and customary costs associated with installing replacement products, including removal and disposal of defective products (“Replacement Costs”). Replacement Costs will be prorated as set forth in the “Prorated Refund Schedule” and based off of the reasonable and customary Replacement Costs on the date of the original purchase. This amount shall not be adjusted for inflation. Replacement Costs shall not include the cost of freight and permits required or obtained in connection with installing replacement products. Prorated Removal and Replacement Refund Schedule Years Since Purchase % Purchase Price Covered Years 1 - 6 100% Years 7 - 10 80% Years 11 - 14 60% Years 15 - 18 40% Years 19 - 21 20% Years 22 - 25 10% LIMITATIONS ON WARRANTY The Warranty does not apply to any product that: • Is damaged by physical abuse, acts of God, acts of war, exposure to acid rain, abrasive elements (including sand abrasion) or other chemical or biological factors. • Has not been installed or maintained in accordance with Warrantor’s installation and maintenance instructions. • Has been abused or placed under or subjected to abnormal residential use conditions. • Has been used, modified or otherwise treated in any manner other than as intended by Warrantor. • Has been stored improperly prior to installation, resulting in excess exposure to moisture. • Has been subjected to welding, bending, drilling, cutting or other fabrication not called for in Warrantor’s installation guidelines. • Has been exposed to a corrosive environment, including the use of adhesive tapes, sealants or mastics in direct contact with the coated product. • Railing Product installed within one (1) mile of any coastal salt water must be regularly cleaned in strict accordance with the guidelines and frequency of Deckorators Care and Cleaning guidelines, and a log kept recording such cleanings. ALX Railing and Baluster Limited Warranty Salt Water Prorated Removal and Replacement Refund Schedule (Railing Product installed within one mile of coastal salt water) Years Since Purchase % Purchase Price Covered Years 1 - 2 100% Years 3 - 4 80% Years 5 - 6 60% Years 7 - 8 40% Year 9 20% Year 10 10%
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