Perfect Panel Glass Balusters by Dekor

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Perfect Panel Glass Balusters by Dekor

The BEST glass baluster panels on the market!  Enjoy unobstructed views while adding striking architectural detail to your deck, balcony, porch, or patio. Made from 1/2″ thick safety glass, these elegant glass railing panels are simple to install and look great day or night.

Glass Perfect Panel – Heavy Duty 1/2″ Tempered Glass Baluster Panels. These commercial quality glass panels are ½” thick and able to withstand hurricane-level wind loads. The panels are ½” tempered glass with pencil polished edges. Pencil polish gives a smooth rounded edge. Competitor panels are ¼” thick and no edge polishing. Our glass baluster panels are 7.5” wide, so you would use 1 panel per linear foot of railing as a guideline to determine the number of panels needed. Our glass panels are very thick, heavy (8.6 lbs. each for 26″ high panel) and are made to withstand the elements.


  • Available in 26″, 27″ and 32″ lengths
  • 7.5″ wide x 1/2″ thick
  • Glass panel sizes w/o end caps are 25.5″, 26.5″ and 31.5″
  • Tempered glass with pencil polished (rounded) edges
  • Panel sits 0.625″ inside each boot
  • If illuminated, requires top and bottom power rails for the LED bars


  • One Glass Panel
  • Upper & Lower Panel Connector




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