Stainless Steel Glass Baluster Connector by Fortress

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Stainless Steel Glass Connector for Clear view GlassBalusters from Fortress

 This polished stainless steel glass baluster connector offers a modern and sleek cost for a minimal cost. Installs with ease and locks balusters securely into place.


  • Polished Pure View Clip is a fantastic way to install Pure View Glass Balusters with its ability to be used to install straight or stair balusters. 
  • While still keeping a more traditional feel with wood rails, Polished Pure View Clip brings a modern element into the system.
  • The Polished Pure View Clip can be provided for angles ranging from 20 degrees to 35 degrees when paired with the Pure View Glass Baluster for Stairs.
  • Includes stainless steel hardware and rubber pad to cushion the glass.
  • Sold in pack of 10
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