Bear Clip Installation Clips for 3/8" Siding

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Bear Clip Cement Siding Installation Clips

Great pricing on a great installation clips. Using these hangers makes installing heavy awkward cement siding a one man job.

Fiber cement siding offers a lot of advantages versus wood, but if you've ever handled it before, you know you wouldn't try to install it alone, there is a solution, The Bear Clip™ system is designed to make installing fiber cement siding so easy that one person can do it. According to the manufacturer, the Bear Clip reduces installation labor by 40%."The problem with installing fiber cement siding is that it's tedious because the boards have to be perfectly level all the time. "The Bear Clip takes all of the challenges out of installing fiber cement siding." The clip hooks onto the top edge of each row and supports the board above - level, hands-free, and at an exact 1-1/4" overlap while the installer nails it in place. After the board is nailed, the exposed portion of the clip is snapped away at an engineered fracture point, leaving the hidden portion behind. That little piece of plastic acts as a spacer to ensure proper drainage behind the siding. The Bear Clip is manufactured to a .002" tolerance which means that, if the starter strip is level, the siding will be perfectly level as well. Bear Clips come in various depths to accommodate a variety of siding thickness, and so far, builders appear to be sold. Says one, "We aren't going to do another Hardie job without them." 

Buy the clips now at this great price while they last!

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James Hardie
1 ¼"

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  • 1000ct.

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