Copper Flashing for Deck Construction by Grip Rite

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Copper Flashing Guard by Grip Rite

Now a Copper Flashing product that is made with a non - asphalt adhesive, and featuring a revolutionary polypropylene backing. This next - generation flashingis specifically designed for pressure treated decks, and can be used as a foundation flashing or door and window flashing. The copper is laminated to a polymer sheet. The polymer serves 2 purposes. It serves as a barrier between dissimilar metals and it adds puncture resistance.


  • Superior tear and puncture resistance
  • High de-lamination threshold
  • No staining
  • 5 - sizes
  • 25 year warranty
  • Copper is laminated to a polymer sheet
  • 106PT copper is 3oz per sq. ft.


  • 6" x 20' 
  • 8" x 20' 
  • 10" x 20' 
  • 12" x 20' 
  • 16" x 20'

Click HERE for Flashing PDF

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