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End Cap for DuraLife Decking

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End Caps for DuraLife Deck Boards

End Caps for DuraLife Deck Boards are specially designed accessories that are used to cover the open ends of DuraLife composite decking boards. They are made of durable and weather-resistant materials, such as polypropylene or PVC, that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions and UV rays. These end caps are available in matching colors and finishes to complement your DuraLife decking boards. The purpose of end caps is to provide a finished and professional look to the ends of the decking boards. They prevent moisture and debris from getting into the gaps and protect the exposed edges from damage. They also add to the overall safety of the decking surface by minimizing the risk of tripping over sharp or jagged edges. End Caps for DuraLife Deck Boards are easy to install and secure with a snap-in design. They can be installed along the edges of fascia boards, stairs, and angles to give your decking project a sleek and polished appearance.

Our Decking End Caps are perfect for covering deck board ends on DuraLifeTM; Siesta, MVP, and Starter profile decking. They are easy to install and improve the appearance of board ends.


  • 20 ~ per pack
  • USAGE ~ 1 clip per board


  • PolyPropylene


  • 0.9" thick x 5.5" wide

Click HERE for installation:

*Product is made for Dura Life decking, we can not guarantee these will fit other manufacturers deck boards*

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