Fastening System for Bison Pavers

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Wood Tile Fastening Kit | FS-1 by Bison

* NOTE - We can only sell these fasteners to customers that are installing Bison tiles...


  • Color: black

  • Material: nylon

  • Weight: 0.012 lbs (5.4 g)

Product SPECS


  • Washer

  • Long screw

  • Short screw

*use long screw with Bison Adjustable Pedestals

*use short screw with Bison HD50 and HD75 Fixed Height Pedestals

About this product…

This wood tile fastening kit is used to secure Bison wood tiles to Bison pedestals without penetrating or damaging the Wood Tiles.

Below you will find the links to all of our Bison Pedestal and Bison Wood Tile products that this fastening kit can be used with! 

Bison Pedestal Products:

Versadjust Pedestal | V4-18 or V4-316

Versadjust Pedestal | V3-18 or V3-316

Versadjust Pedestal | V2-18 or V2-316

Versadjust Pedestal | V1-18 or V1-316

Level.It Adjustable Pedestal | LC-18 or LC-316

Level. It Low Height Pedestal

Level. It Ultra Low Height Pedestal

Bison Wood Tile Products:

Bison Wood Deck & Rooftop Tiles

Wood Tile Fastening Kit Installation Instructions:

*for Versadjust Products:

*for Level.It Products:

Any questions with installation, please call 800-333-4234 

Warranty Information

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