Solar Post Caps


Solar Post Caps for Deck Railing

Adding solar post caps to your fence, deck, or mailbox is a great way to add a little flair and personal style to your home while providing just the right amount of light! A solar post cap adds ambience and elegance while also providing enough light to add additional hours of outdoor enjoyment. Here at Deck Expressions, we offer a wide range of solar caps and lights for you to choose from. No matter your personal style and taste, we are sure to have an attractive option for you!

Lamp Style

Lamp style solar post cap light options are one of the more popular options. With the look and feel of a traditional lamp, this style features glass panel sides that direct light outward and downward. The result is significant lighting to walkways as well as ambient lighting for outdoor living areas. Classy Caps brings many styles to choose from including Fairmont, Colonial, Classy, Prestige, and Ambience. The Ambience style features a Japanese garden aesthetic is a popular choice for posts and decks in garden and green environments. For larger posts (6x6) the Cambridge and Oxford styles are quite fashionable and functional.

The Deckorators brand also provides some great lamp style choices.  These solar caps pair perfectly with their extensive range of railing, baluster, and post cover options. Additionally, these caps come in larger sizes for the stone post covers ~ Stone post Cover Solar Post CapVersa, and ALX Classic styles.

Band Style

A bit more subdued, the band style type of solar post cap features a minimal central band of light in the middle of the post cap. This style greatly reduces the outward lighting of the lamp style while still providing excellent illumination and ambience. Here at Deck Expressions, we carry many options for band style cap lights from  top-notch manufacturers like Deckorators, Aurora and Classy Caps.

Downward Style

The downward style post cap lighting casts illumination down the post rather than outward, providing excellent illumination to your post and the surrounding ground area. This style is great for providing lighting for decks and walkways, creating not only a beautiful aesthetic but also providing an added layer of safety. Both the ALX Classic and Woodland Gray style from Deckorators offers the ambient solar post cap look of the “downward” style. This is a great option that provides elegant lighting that maximizes the illumination given off.

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