Yard Dot LED Pathway Light Kit by Dekor

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Yard Dot LED Pathway Light Kit by Dekor

Yard Dot Kit – 8 LED  light kit for ground effect edge lighting along driveways, walkways, patios and paths. The kit includes a waterproof LED transformer with 10′ or 20′ cables.  Also available with our new NexGen™ LED option for even brighter light.

Yard Dot Kit – 8 LED  light kit for ground effect edge lighting along driveways, walkways, patios and paths.

We are excited to offer our “easy to install” LED light kit made right here in Colorado. You can now add ground effect lighting in three easy steps: push it in, plug it in and turn it on. That may be oversimplifying, but installing YARD DOTs are very easy to install on a lawn or ground cover next to your hardscape. You no longer have to search for your driveway when you come home at night or take out a flashlight to find your way around your backyard. 


  • Waterproof, Weatherproof, and Salt Air Resistant
  • Plug-N-Play Connector System- No Electrician Needed
  • NexGen High Output LED option
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Yard Dots are an outstanding choice for anyone looking for a long-lasting, low maintenance, lighting product that can be installed along the edge of any outdoor landscape or hardscape feature. YARD DOTs offer a combination of quality, high performance and an outstanding warranty. Yard Dots are made right here in the USA and product support is just a phone call away. EZ Yard Dots lights are designed for simple installation; determine where you want your lights; clear an area next to the hardscape for the cables; push or pound in the Yard Dots in the ground; plug in the next one; repeat till done. Then set the photocell timer and you have ground effect lighting that adds safety and beauty to your yard. Should you need assistance, you can contact DEKOR® Customer Care for product support if you have questions.

Add the benefit of illumination to outline any landscape or hardscape with the 8 light outdoor Yard Dots light kit from DEKOR®. These tiny LED “dot style” lights are perfect for outlining patios or pools, walkways or driveways and are designed to last. They install flush with the surface, are completely sealed, waterproof and weatherproof. The lights are robust and durable, able to withstand the elements: snow, rain, heat, cold, and salt air.

  • Dimmable warm white light. Yard Dots LEDs emit light at 3200° K, and are dimmable with DEKOR’s EZDIMMERWP or their WiFi Dimmer and app.
  • Safe and Certified. Yard Dots LEDs are safety rated and meet ETL, CE and RCM/CTick safety standards.
  • Long lasting and durable. Yard Dots LEDs are extremely strong, will not rust, and can are built tough. Yard Dots LED have thick transparent domed polycarbonate covers that will not yellow with age. The lights are built to withstand years of “wear and tear” and come with an industry leading 10-year warranty.
  • CREE® LEDs. Yard Dots are built with high-quality CREE LEDs, known for their super bright light, long life and superior energy efficiency. DEKOR® is a CREE® LEDs Branding Partner.

NexGen™ Lighting Option. Yard Dots LEDs may be purchased with DEKOR’s standard LED configuration or with new 3X brighter NexGen™ LEDs. NexGen™ LEDs feature CREE® Advanced XT series LEDs and some smart electronics that allow a far greater light output with minimal power consumption.

  • Expandable. The Yard Dots LED kit comes with 8 light elements … you can add additional lights up to the number supported by the transformer or power supply. If you need more lights, you can just upgrade the transformer.
  • Connector Cable Length. This kit comes with 10 foot or 20-foot Plug-N-Play cables so lights can be spaced along the edge of your project as desired.


  • Housing Diameter ~ 1.250"
  • Light Color Temperature ~ 3200 K
  • Pigtail Length ~ 10" or 20"
  • Waterproof ~ Yes
  • Fixture Length ~ 11"

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